B2B Business to Business

An effective B2B Portal usage in your company can save Time & Money, Increase the productivity of an organization, gives a better reputation to the company about effective usage of resources.

B2B Portal of your organisation helps you in, competing on equal terms with companies ten times the size of yours. You can market your company, your products and your services to worldwide audience by creating an Intranet Portal. You can project a larger picture of your organisation through this portal - creating a 'shop window' in markets that you would traditionally find difficult to target.

B2B Portals provide a full range of web services, including applications and e-commerce support for a customized, integrated e-business hub.

You can implement facilities like registration services, personalization services, advertisement and promotional services, build-your-own-site facilities, business analysis and reporting facilities, content management, administration and value-added services like chat, email, news, message boards, greeting cards, polls and quizzes. Hence, a web portal development solution can be put together in a matter of weeks.