Infrastructure Outsourcing

Caught in the whirl of rapid digitalization, companies are looking for ease and fast pace in IT management, spend, and operations. Meridian Software Solutions provides economical, secure and responsive infrastructure to help your business achieve heights.

We specialize in helping your strategize as well as take control of ongoing operations.

Our cutting edge solutions such as virtualization, cloud computing, mobility and green IT etc. help clients transform their business. Our solutions are designed to bring a substantial reduction in the total cost of ownership without impacting the business development.

You can explore the following benefits with our services:

  • 360 degrees solutions designed to provide services across the IT lifecycle.
  • Continuous optimization to ensure the business value of the clients investment
  • Updating the IT Infrastructure to abide new generation models and superior technology.

Our varied offerings include:

Datacenter Optimization services – Our clients seek to obtain maximum value from their datacenters, and thus plan to make the best use of new technologies and cost models. Meridian Software Solutions Datacenter Optimization services keep the clients best interest at heart by optimizing the enterprise datacenter through expected functions such as consulting, planning, and implementation support.

End-User Computing services – Every company hopes to enable their employees in a fashion that they can handle the latest in technology. This creates a demand for deployment of the complexity of the IT infrastructure. Meridian Software Solutions End-User Computing services help enterprises effectively manage these complexities by applying new virtualization-related technologies.

Infrastructure Operations Optimization services – It is critical for any organization to ensure successful delivery of services from time to time. This makes it mandatory for them to have a dependable IT infrastructure with high availability that can support enterprise business processes. Meridian Software Solutions Infrastructure Operations Optimization services promise to be efficient, compliant, and agile.

Infrastructure Refresh services – As is often the case with adapting to new trends, enterprises find that their existing IT infrastructure is often ill equipped to meet emerging business needs. At Meridian Software Solutions , we build the organizational computing prototype through broad infrastructure refresh services in the required technology areas, giving our clients an edge above others.

Managed Infrastructure services – Managed Infrastructure services help companies achieve lead technology-led business development while utilizing the emerging technologies and cost models.