Health Administration BPO

AMeridian Software Solutions BPO's healthcare practice serves a wide range of customers across the value chain, including payers, providers and pharmacy benefits managers. Our team of business and technical consultants, including PhDs, MDs, technical architects, developers, business process consultants, and project managers is here at your service! To add to the expertise, our hands-on experience in business processes and IT systems of health insurance providers (payor) and healthcare providers keeps us well equipped to handle the health administration BPO.

We Provide:

  • Payor Service Offerings
  • Provider Service Offerings

Why Meridian Software Solutions ?

Universal Delivery Model: With offices pitched on the opposite end of the world, we can assure delivery of healthcare processes from a network of delivery centers around the globe.

People Management Practices: We hire world-class talent, and provide them with continuous training while engaging them in initiatives which enable them to take up their roles seriously.

Healthcare Training: Our BPO is home to extensive knowledge of IT systems and business processes of healthcare companies.