We Build. You Run.

Electronic Business, often shortened to eBusiness or e-Business is one of the most upcoming forms of trade. A blend of information and communication technologies (ICT), this trend has hit the virtual world like a storm.

Meridian Software Solutions anticipated this rapid digitalization storm and has a standard framework to conduct this kind of business.

We believe in blending with our clients but, yes, we do bring our inimitable touch to your processes by designing applications with optimal architecture. We apply the most suitable technology, deploy the most effective software development models and test applications in automated and manual processes. Meridian Software Solutions is not wired to simply build and wrap up; we keep the bond alive by ensuring successful installation and continuous maintenance of these systems. Our team is extensively trained in every aspect of Project Management and Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC).

We cater to all forms of E-Business’. To help you evaluate if your business comes under our scanner or not, we have listed the forms of E-business’ we build for.

Our electronic business modules enable companies to link their external and internal data processing system, which help in organizing data and increase flexibility. We offer our services in ensuring technical standards for e-business like data transitions, and also provide software solutions which felicitate the integration of intra and inter firm business processes.

Our technical framework is designed to guarantee a smoother user interface by creating an efficient backend process.

B2B (Business to Business)

If your portal operates between two firms or business units and requires electronic transactions and seller space, we can build it.
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B2C (Business to Commerce)

If your portal showcases products/services which are directly available to the customer, we can build it.
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